Hi its mike again sorry for leaving for so long but it was summer and I was never home barley because I needed to fit every bit of fun into it. But now school is back and I am ready for it because it has to come some time around and I am trying to get exemptions. This year I am in grade 8 when I should be in grade 9 but I failed 2 years ago which is lame cause now I am with kids younger then other then my friend Kevin because he is supposed to be in grade 10 but he failed 2 times and he is my friend so at least i have some in this class.  I will hopefully get all my work done and finish my blog for the year so get ready for some awesome blog posts.




In these chapters a lot of things happen to the kids of The Wave because they stop the wave because of a assembly and the kids were amazed when the assembly was about Hitler and the German Nazis. They learn a lot but Mr. Ross is in big trouble because he was not supposed to take it that far but now the principle is going to fire him. The Grapevine Paper is going steady now because everything is even flow. Laurie stays late after school to work on some thing and when she leaves she doesn’t notice but David has been waiting with his buddy so he could talk to her about joining The Wave. He then got so mad when she said no that he pushed her down and realized that he couldn’t do without her so they get back together. The Wave is stopped and the school was saved from brain wash.

My Opinion

I think that it went good for Laurie and David because they thought different about The Wave but after he tried to get her to join and pushed her down he realized that The Wave is controlling him to stand so no one gets in his way. Amy doesn’t really stay with one guy but I think that they should have put down that she got a boyfriend who isn’t a football player and that they are happy together. I also think that Mr. Ross should have shut it down and then the author could have wrote about what the kids are going to do without The Wave because the principle fired Mr. Ross. This was a very interesting book and I think that other classrooms should start this book and learn about this interesting story.

The Wave Chpt.9-12

Ben Ross has been teaching the kids more about Nazi, Germany an then he was complemented on The Wave by the football coach because apparently  the team has gotten  a lot better then before they all joined The Wave. Ben had been called into the principles office to talk about something. Ben had been scared about it because the kids wouldn’t have anyone to turn to if he had to stop. The principle told him to not lead them any further. Ben now has more kids then ever joining his classes and joining The Wave. The new issue of “The Grapevine press” is going to go on publishing the story about The Wave

Seoul, Overload

My Information

I have lots of information on Seoul and I think I should tell you about what This place has different then use in Canada. These places are all about showing there culture as I have seen on many picture and videos of what Seoul looks like. This place is overloaded with detail like temples and training Dojo are made out of detail like the bamboo  that are used to make these places have flowers and dragons and all different kinds of colors.

Over crowded

Seoul is not a bad place and is overloaded with stores and shops from food to cloths to jewelry. They have many things that go on at night and day from festivals to circuses which is really fun for the kids and really shows how happy and productive everyone is. I really think that Seoul is a caring place and I would move there in a second if I new the language and had the money but I guess it will come to me one day.

This is a amazing picture of the temples design.

This a picture of the new temples.

Bye World!!

Only a week left or so before I get my ski-doo back from the damage I did too it last year. I had hit jumps and not always did I make them. One times I hit a jump and my skidoo barrel rolled and broke the windshield. Another time I hit a jump and my ski skins fell off. I couldn’t protect my skis because the ski skins were gone. I was making a trail once and when I was going up a side of an island on the lake there was a rock and bent my ski pretty bad. After time it started to fall apart and it was a pretty sweet ski-doo and I liked it. After the winter we had planed to get it fixed but this winter coming I had made a promise to treat the ski-doo with respect and it had cost $1250 and we got all new stuff for it even a new track from my uncle and it was 1 and a quarter inch. Track and it was pretty sweet. I like my skidoo and I can’t wait for next week on the 26th of November because I get my skidoo back and then I can go ski-dooing which will be really fun and some of my friends are already ski-dooing it makes things better. I also have another snowmobile and it is an Arctic Cat bear cat 570. My dad has a 2000 mxz 670 twin pipe liquid cool with a mbrp can which is a can that is like so loud and it like blows your ears up.





Bye, People of the world!!!

Explanation: I am doing a research project on Seoul, South Korea and I am learning so much more about this different part of the world from thing like housing to things they do for fun and what we do for fun. I have learning that Seoul, South Korea is the most high-tec place on the planet because of all the weird and cool inventions that they make. South Korea is a busy place all the time and from day till night. Seoul is a city of no crime which you rarely see these days with all the gangs and people on the earth.

They have a population of 48,811,000 people in South Korea and the location of Seoul is north of the Republic of Korea on the west coast. There is a population of 11 million people in Seoul alone which is amazing for a crime free zone. Its people are one of its best and they may be somewhat shy but Seoul people are kind helpful and polite. Seoul is the seventh largest city in the world which is a pretty cool thing to learn about this city because of all the different things people do. There biggest transportation is the high-speed railway that runs all over South Korea. The government of South Korea is Lee Myung-bak and he has been president for over a year now which is pretty cool because I wouldn’t have know this if I didn’t study my project on South Korea.

This is all I have for now.


Global warming – http://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/tag/global-warming/

Lots of imformation on how our Earth has changed and how it will change in the future from greenhouse gas and also from people litering. Different types of global warming from blogs who taged there post on global warming which gives the site more info.

Pollution – http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/10/apples-rumored.html

Many paragraphs about how this disfunction of polluting is destroying our Earth. Apples new notebook is a big waste of raw materials and is a big concern because they don’t have to waste these materials and water to make a speacial kind of laptop. Lots of info on what raw material could also be used for.

Technology – http://blog.makezine.com/

This site provides theme and information about all the new things in the world. It is a site of science and structure together.lots of writing, videos, photos on everything new.