War Hammer
Weight: 2 pounds, 4 ounces
Overall length: 24 1/2 inches
Battle ax
0.5 kg to 3 kg (1 to 6 pounds), and in length from just over 30 cm to upwards of 1.5 m (1 to 5 feet)
-Single-handed sword
-Eating knife
-Leatherr boots
-Sheep skin mittens

Visored basinet
Origin: Northern Italy, Circa 1390-1410 Click to enlarge
Wallace Collection A69, circa 1390

Overall weight: 4.065kg (8.96lb)
Weight of the skull: 2.005kg (4.42lb)
Weight of the visor: 0.820kg (1.8lb)
Weight of aventail: 1.24kg (2.7lb)
Height: 26cm (10.25″)
Visor beak to helmet back: 37.4cm (14.75″)
War in the middle ages was bad time to be in the conflict of war. There was no turning back when you gave yourself to the army. War back then was a blood house and only one country won the other would have been whipped out over the battlefield making sure that they were all dead. In even some battles they say that when the attackers came to someones land to fight there would be blood up to their ankles. That sounds pretty over exaggerated but that was the worst part but it wasn’t that was just normal back in their wars. But then there were those times were they was make peace at war and stop. But when the two sides came together to make peace really the people on the outside trying to take over the city on the inside were the ones who won. The inner city people would just give up and give them the city and spare the lives of the rest of the people.

Front lines – People who were in the front line of the army were most likely swordsman and pike men. They ran the front line and usually they would stick their swords out straight so that it could collide with the enemy. Usually they had long-swords so it would reach farther and the short-swordsman were the ones on the horses who rode forth after the to enemies meet. The archers would usually have a dagger on their side and they would stand in the back usually on some kind of wall if they were fighting for their city.  If not then just in the back line of their army. They say that when the archers let their arrows go it turned the sky so black that the enemy couldn’t even see them coming pretty much just a dark cloud coming right for them.

Weapons – There were many different weapons that they used in the army. Such as some of the following. Sword, long-sword, single-handed sword, pike, lance, bow and arrow, crossbow, battle ax, war hammer, chain mace.
Armor – These are what they wore to protect them in the middle ages against enemy weapons. Shield, bassinet, sheep skin mittens, leather shoes, Sallet helmet, small fist shield or (buckler), Gauntlet, Under “jack” made from multi-layered canvas, leg plates, chain mail.

Archers – The archer was a valued soldier in the medieval age and when working with a team of archers could change the outcome of a battle in a matter of minutes. Before gunpowder was widely used the longbow and crossbow were among the most deadly weapons available to a medieval soldier.

Peasants – The other type of common soldier was the foot soldier. He usually carried a long spear called a pike. He often had a sword and a dagger. He usually wore some type of metal armor generally chain mail but sometimes plate armor. He also wore a metal helmet. His job was to protect the archers who could not defend themselves well. He did this through his pike. Any armored cavalry attack was met with a wall of pointed spears. This type of defense sometimes worked however a knight could often run straight over a pike-carrying soldier. A knight sometimes dismounted to fight hand to hand with foot soldiers. The knight usually won because he had the greater armor and strength.

Preparing for battle –

  • Dressing the knight in his armor,
  • Carrying the knight’s flag,
  • Carrying the knight’s armor, shield, sword,and duty
  • Accompanying their Knight to tournaments and during the time of war to the battlefield
  • Ensuring the armor and weapons of the knight were in good order
Some other info about when in battle
– Knights fought on horseback with swords.
-Foot soldiers fought with spears, swords, axe, daggers.
– Spears were easy to make and use.
– Lightweight spears could be thrown
– heavy spears were used to stab people from close contact.
– Knights had big wide swords for cutting through chain mail

Hero Diapers

A hero is someone that you think in your mind is like a roll model or someone that has done something that you yourself think is good or just a cool thing to do.  Heroes are people who do good deeds or have done something that no one has done. Things people can be heroes for would be something like winning the Olympics or donating lots of  money to a poor country or maybe even saving the life of another would be a small hero. Things like these would only make you a hero to a small group but if you were to have won a war or saved a lot of people from danger lots of people would think of you as a hero. Heroes can be people who kids look up to as someone they think is big and safe to be around and do fun stuff with them.


Moses had the power to walk across the desert to get to the Red Sea and broke a straight line straight through the Red Sea to save his people from being attacked. When the plague hit Egypt Moses took people and separated the sea to get away. Where they based themselves at Horeb and compassed the borders of Edom. It was at this time that Moses received the Ten Commandments. Despite living to the age of 120, Moses died before reaching the Land of Israel.

Main types of addictions as of today.

– Alcohol
– Heroin
– Cocaine
– Marijuana
– Sex

Types of different drugs and other

– Cigarettes
– Alcohol
– Marijuana
– Mushrooms
– Acid
– Cocaine
– Crack
– Crystal Meth
– Oxy cotton
– Heroin
Addictions are when you can’t help but need to do something really badly. It’s when you can’t control something unless you try really hard. Addictions are everywhere because they don’t need to be a drug to be additions. They could be anything from video games to a food you really like it’s all the same but drugs are a little different because it is killing your system and is telling your body and mind that it needs it like water and food. A lot of addictions are started by people get pure pressured into trying something then you get hooked on it and need it. Peer pressure is something that is going on all around the world and it is getting teens hooked on drugs and alcohol which is bad and the worst thing of all is that the people who own it can be under 18 which is scary to think about and people over 18 giving these drugs to under age children who have there whole lives ahead of them.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts on addictions.

The Outsiders Chpt. 5-8

There were a lot of things that happened in these chapter and probably the most important ones to because in chapter 6 and 7 they are fighting and arguing and Ponyboy gets his back burnt when the old church gets burnt down which makes his useless now which is bad and then Johnny goes and breaks his back and is in the hospital and doesn’t want his mother to come and see him. They get in on the newspaper which then they cut and dyed there hair to look different because people are looking for them so they need to blend in a lot.

My thoughts on these chapters are that things change a lot everyday of the outsiders. Which is good for a reading book because everyone will get interested in what might happen to the brothers from here on out. The thought of Ponyboy getting burnt is bad because no he is in pain for a long time and might not be able to help the only brother he has left. Johnny has now broken his back which makes me want to read on because I want to see what love these brothers really have for each other. I also want to see how the friends work together to stop the Soc’s.



The Outsiders Chpt. 1-4

In chapter 1 it tells about how ponyboy lives and who is all around him and then epople he doesn’t like. They also tell us about the greasers and the rich kids and also the Soc’s which are all gangs that are after eachother and ponyboy and his brother are also in the middle of it. Later on they meat up with these two girls who were not with the Soc’s and their names were Cherry and Marcia they went to a movie when they meat and after they needed to get home so they decided to give them a ride home so when pony boy and Valance got to his house they meat up with Soc’s but they just got in the car and drove away from them and dropped the girls and drove back home. Ponyboy and his brother hate the Soc’s and Ponyboy is with the greasers so its like a battle.


My thoughts on the first 4 chapters are that it is a story about love and hate and gangs and fights and choosing sides and doing drugs and other bad things. But its also got its emotional like how Ponyboy and his brother look out for each other and sometimes have rough times. The family is living together and are afraid that the Soc’s are going to do something bad with makes the book good because then people get interested in the book and want to read about what happens next and if they get attacked. What I’m trying to say is that this book is all about adrenaline and sacrifice.



Hybrid yacht

This is one of the efficient yacht in history. That is why it doesn’t use very much gas because hybrid engines run on both electricity and gas but mostly electricity only uses gas when you are going fast. The yacht will carry heat reflecting glass, high efficiency insulation, a heat recovery systems, heat pump and gas treatment system that will reduce power demand by an average of 20% which is perfect when you think about the environment  because it is saving some much life and air now only if they did this for any type of auto-mobile.

green voyager_1

Yachts are very expensive and can be up to 1 million dollars to as much a 1 billion dollars or even more and buying this might be more but if you were thinking on buying one anyway then might as well pay a little more to help the environment a little more. Things these days are becoming a lot more efficient and less money because of all the shorting in cost of metals and pieces for cars.  The earth is friendly and if were living on this planet then we should do our part to keep from polluting the air by doing things we enjoy at the same time.

That’s all I got.


https://i0.wp.com/blog.pricegrabber.co.uk/gottahave/files/2009/09/back-to-school.gifLink is right here to learn how to break dance

We have been doing some work in school that is pretty easy and fun which I like because I can get extra time in class. We also have a special dancer in the school for this week and he is teaching us about break dancing and all these cool tricks to that I didn’t even think that I could do and it is helping me flex so I might be able to do cool thing like that in the future. We have been given some work so far but nothing seriously hard like were going to have later on in the year. But I am a pretty smart guy so it shouldn’t be to hard. I am really disappointed that the summer went by so fast and already in the next school year. My best subject is math and science because that are what I find interesting to do and also I need them for me to get the job that I want which is an iron worker. I am not getting into any trouble yet this year and I hope I don’t because I want to change for the better and get high grades because I no I can. I like being in this class because there is some much different things to do other then high school but I really don’t mind high school. I have had no homework so far this year which is sweet because I don’t have to carry things back and forth from school to home then back again. Well I am going now to our break-dancing class so catch you later.